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Church of Sergios

Leaving Alahacı village, take the road southeast towards Ballı Village, to the village of Gümüşgün, where you will find the remains of the Early Byzantine Church of St Sergios just on the right at the entrance to the village. 

The church is built of smooth ashlar, and situated near a spring on a south-north slope. The south wall bears an inscription in Syriac thought to date from 780 or later. Its message concerns the elements that threaten Christianity. There are further Syriac and Armenian language inscriptions on the walls of the church. 

The rectangular church is built of cut stone and has one room and a side section. It looks very plain, having no ornamentation on the outside. The entrance door is on the west side; however, all the walls are damaged, and those on the west and south completely demolished. The partially intact north wall has three small rectangular windows with stone cross members.

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