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Çarşı Mosque

The Çarşı Mosque is on Atatürk Boulevard, Cumhuriyet Square, on the southwest side of Sabunhane. It opened in 1905. The mosque is built of smooth cut stone, and has a near-square rectangular harim or outer courtyard, a flat-roofed son cemaat yeri or praying portico, minaret and small courtyard.

There is a minaret pedestal on the east side of the praying portico.  The minaret on the northeast corner was built in 1950. It has a square base, cylindrical shaft and a single gallery. The area beneath the gallery is richly ornamented. The lowest area has carved semi-circles, each with a rosette above. The rosettes have round çini porcelain tiles buried in the wall, and the type of çini called baçini has been used. Above the tiles are rows of muqarnas – a type of decorative corbel. The minaret gallery has a stone fretwork guardrail. Then come the petek (part of the shaft above the gallery), külah (conical roof) and finally the alem (metal crescent). 

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