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Karasu Rock Monument

This rock monument dating from the Hittite period is 2 km east of the Septimius Severus Bridge.

The relief depicting a Late Hittite god on a stag is carved on the side of a rock, on a cliff near the Roman bridge which spans a sharp bend in the Karasu Stream. With a vehicle suited to rough terrain, you can drive right up to the monument. The relief is carved on a north-facing, protruding rock, a few metres below the top of the east face of the rocky outcrop. It clearly shows a stag with large antlers, and a male figure standing on the stag.  

The man is looking to the left. He holds a spear in his extended right hand, and has a bow over his left shoulder. He wears a horned cap on his head. The iconography relating to the country and hunting, suggests this may be the god known as Runtiyas or Karhulas, who was clearly identified in Northern Syria in the Late Hittite Period. The Karasu relief dates from between 1050 - 850 BC. in the Middle Iron Age.

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