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Hisar Mausoleum

Like the Elif and Hasanoğlu monuments, the Hisar Mausoleum is named after the village in which it is situated.  The village of Hisar is about 3 km east of Elif. The Hisar tomb is the smallest of the three, but its elegant design and fine state of preservation are impressive. 

The capstone on the top of the monument seems as though it is about to fall off.  The stunning, 2000-year-old tomb is surrounded by houses. 

Situated in the southwest part of Hisar village, the tomb is built of hard, white, smoothly-cut stone. It stands 10-11 metres tall, and its style and building technique point to a construction date of 2nd-3rd century AD. It consists of three sections: the tomb chamber, podium with columns, and the roof. The rectangular tomb chamber has a rectangular entrance on the south side. Four piers, one on each corner of the chamber, support a concave pyramid-shaped roof. The roof is topped with an acroterium.

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