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Elif Mausoleum

Following the Yavuzeli road towards the northeast, and continuing in the same direction where the road forks, you will reach the village of Elif.

The Elif tomb is definitely the most imposing of the monumental tombs found in the villages around here. It stands around 13 metres high and is thought to be of Roman origin. Restoration of this tomb is nearly finished, and a landscaped park is being created  around it.   

The tomb has been dated to the 2nd or 3rd century AD.  Constructed of ashlar, it is set upon a square pedestal, has arches on three sides and a cross-vaulted roof. Heads of the Medusa –the mythical figure whose looks could turn people to stone– are carved around the area between the base and the main body of the monument. Medusa is found on tombs of the Classical Period. 

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