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Sheikh Mansur Tomb

Our route this time takes us to the tomb of one of the sahaba (disciples of the prophet Muhammed). Leaving Oylum Höyük, we head north on the Gaziantep-Kilis road, and after 4.5 km we arrive at the Sheikh Mansur tomb on Yavuz Sultan Selim Street.

Sheikh Muhammed Simati, the head chef and taster for the prophet Muhammed, is buried in the Sheikh Mansur tomb which lies 3 km south of Kilis, surrounded by gardens and vineyards. Sheik Muhammed Simati always served the food to the prophet and his disciples so in order to continue this custom, the people of Kilis still serve food to the poor after Friday prayers. The northwest hill of the tomb site is known as “Prayer Hill”.


Evliya Çelebi explains that the prophet Mohammed’s chef, Sheikh Muhammed Simati, is buried in a bright cupola on the kiblah side of the town, and that he was known by this name because he arranged the prophet’s dining table (simat).

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