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Muhammed Bedevi Tomb

The tomb is located 2 km west of İslambey Park, sitting on top of the hill to the south of Kalleş Mountain, overlooking the entire surrounding area. To the south of the tomb lies the Muhammed Bedevi Mosque which was built in 2007. The cemetery to the front of the tomb area houses the graves of sheikhs from the Kadiri and Rufai sects who died in recent times.

Directly opposite the tomb area is the Merhum Şevket Hidayet Külliyesi (Islamic-Ottoman social complex). There are many visitors to the tomb, particularly on Fridays.

The building is square in shape and has four arches. The roof has a pointed dome, the sides of which are decorated with stones. There is one window to the east and west, and two to the south. A wooden sarcophagus is covered with a green cloth on which are written verses from the Koran, but there is no epigraph to identify the owner of the sarcophagus. However, Evliya Çelebi writes “There is a large Dervish Lodge to the west of the city. Here lies the body of the famous Sheikh Muhammed-i A’rabi Rıtalli, from the sahaba...” and so we can assume that the sarcophagus belongs to Muhammed Bedevi. It is thought that the tomb was constructed during the second half of the 14th century.


In the time of the prophet Mohammed, Sheikh Muhammed Bedevi Rıttali gave his name to the unit of weight, the ‘rıtl’. It its known that Sheikh Muhammed Bedevi came to this region with the Islamic Army under the command of Ebu Ubeyde bin Cerrah, during the reign of Caliph Omar, and that he died here (17 AH – 638 AD).

(Rıtl: an expression for a weight of 130 dirhem)

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