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Mevlevihane (Mevlevi Lodge)

The construction date of the Kilis Mevlevihanesi is unknown. The lodge is located in the Tekke district and is still open for worship today.

Evliya Çelebi referred to this lodge as an Asitane (a grand lodge), which means it was an important monastery for raising and educating sheikhs and dervishes. The semahane (performance hall for the dervishes) is square in design and the main area is covered with a high dome. Along the entire length of the walls there are 21 windows and skylights, making a light and spacious area. The dodecagonal dome sits on a high frame which has a round arched window on each side. In each of the four corners of the semahane there is a smaller dome. The exterior of the building is ornamented with black and white stones, and horizontal and vertical bands surrounding the windows. There is a circular skylight window above the entrance door.

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