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Kilis Museum

Heading off from the Tekke district in a northwesterly direction, after about 10 minutes you will come to the district of Şehitler. Here you will find the historical Neşet Efendi Mansion which now houses the Kilis Museum. We recommend you walk this route to the museum as on your way you will see the old urban fabric of Kilis.

Neşet Efendi Mansion is an example of traditional Kilis architecture, and as the Kilis Museum, displaying the historical and cultural riches of the city, it makes a contribution to city life.

The ground floor of the Kilis Museum is dedicated to the display of archaeological artifacts, and an important part of this is the exhibits found at Oylum Höyük which give an extensive understanding of local history. In the sections dedicated to the Paleolithic, Neolithic and Chalcolithic Ages, Chalcolithic earthenware pots and vessels provide information about the food culture at that time.

In the Early Bronze Age section, artifacts from the Oylum Höyük excavations are displayed; grindstones, necklaces, various figurines, seals and storage pots. There is also a replica of an Early Bronze Age tomb found at Oylum Höyük, displayed together with the artifacts that were discovered with it, which give an insight into the burial culture of the time. The first floor of the museum houses the ethnography section, giving visitors the opportunity to observe the traditional way of life of the local people.

Kitchens play an important role in traditional Kilis houses, and this section of the museum shows mannequins carrying out the roles of the women; grinding wheat, baking bread and cooking. The reconstruction of the bedroom displays the bedspreads and curtains embellished with traditional Kilis embroidery, gilded mirrors and other eye-catching accessories.

Within the ethnography section, the walls of the hallway are decorated with old photographs bringing the memories of the people of Kilis to life.

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