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Bilal Habeşi Tomb

On the southern slopes of the tumulus which lies within the village of Yavuzlu, you will find the tomb of Bilal-i Habeşi, the first muezzin of the Islamic religion. Every year in May, this tomb is the site of thanksgiving prayers following a good year of rain, or prayers for rain if there has been a year of drought.


In the first year of the Hegira calendar (622 AD, the beginning of the Muslim era), Bilal-i Habeşi was the first person to call the azan, as instructed by the Prophet Muhammed. 

Throughout his life, at home or away, he was the muezzin for the Prophet. He also fought with the Islamic army under the command of Ebu Ubeyde, taking the towns of Korus, where the tomb of Urya Nebi can be found, Azaz and Cibrin (17 AH - AD 638). In the same year, after being wounded in battle, the people from the region built a memorial over the place where his blood was shed.

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