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Afrin Roman Aqueduct

Setting out from the city in a northwesterly direction towards Polateli, before you arrive at Ravanda Castle, you will come to the Roman Afrin Aqueduct. It lies to the northwest of the village of Cengin (Bağarası) in a narrow valley that connects to the Afrin Brook. After passing through the village of Cengin, head north for 1.5 km, and then take the stabilized road off to the left.

After 3 km you will come to the Afrin Brook, and after a further 50 m, nestled amongst oleander trees, stands the Roman aqueduct.

The ruins of the aqueduct seen today indicate that this two-storey structure was much longer, however the beginning and end points of this ashlar stone aqueduct have not been identified.

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  • Mercidabık Plain
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    Mercidabık Plain

    As you leave the mausoleum heading towards Kilis, follow the road east in the direction of Elbeyli and you will see, stretching as far as the eye can see, the vast Mercidabık Plain which holds great importance as an original Turkish homeland.

    The Battle of Mercidabık between the Mamluk and Ottoman armies took place in 1516. The victorious Ottomans went on to add Syria, Lebanon and Palestine to their growing lands which paved the way for the caliphate of the Ottoman dynasty. The victory at Mercidabık brought many religious, poitical, military and financial advantages to the Ottoman Empire, and was the beginning of 400 years of Ottoman rule in the region.

    In the centre of the town of Yavuzlu there are 3 monuments dedicated to the Ottoman padishah Yavuz Sultan Selim who was instrumental in this magnificent victory. The first monument, standing in the Yavuzlu Municipality gardens, is a bust statue. The second monument, 100 m northeast of this, displays the words “Even if the enemy soldiers are on all sides, I will not turn away from battle”. Immediately opposite this stands a statue of Yavuz Sultan Selim Han on horseback with his sword.

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