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Orta Mosque

The Orta Mosque, located in the Subaşı district of the town of Oğuzeli, is notable especially for its low minaret.  Although said to have been built in the Seljuk period, the ornamentation on the minaret suggest it may actually date from the end of the 17th, or beginning of the 18th centuries.

The minaret is built on a square base, and the corners of the structure above are chamfered creating a second, octagonal base. Above this there is a cornice and then the round shaft. The squat, thick shaft looks solid and bulky. The yellow-beige limestone minaret has survived in its original form, being the only part of the mosque left untouched during recent renovations. It is 15 meters high and has 30 steps. The mosque is in a sound state and open for worship.

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