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Kuveyk Water Channels

1.5 km northwest of the bridge in the hamlet of Keriz are the Kuveyk Water Channels. Built in order to take water from the Sacur to Aleppo, two tunnels were dug through the fields from the stream, starting from the northwest of Keriz, and passing to the north of Kazıklı village, then on to the east and then towards the south. 

This water way is thought to have been built in the 11th century. According to the court records (Antep Şer’i Mahkeme Sicilleri) of 1871, the Kuveyk Water Channels had been in existence for 800 years, i.e. indicating a construction date of 1071.

The channels are 2 meters wide; underground sections are up to 3 meters high; and the channels stretch for 10 km. The Kuveyk Waterway was built by linking tunnels of 20-30 meters or more with deep, open channels.

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