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Sof Plateau

Sof Plateau

Continuing on towards Nurdağı, 5 km after the village of Yeşilce, head left and 7 km after the villa...

Muhammed Esad Efendi Tomb

Muhammed Esad Efendi Tomb

This tomb is also in the town, 100 m southwest of the tomb of Hadji Hamza. Buried here is Muhammed E...

Afrin Roman Aqueduct

Afrin Roman Aqueduct

Setting out from the city in a northwesterly direction towards Polateli, before you arrive at Ravand...

Erikçe Forest

If you choose the religious section of the tour which includes some of the region’s tombs and histor...

Menzil Inn

Menzil Inn

The recently restored Menzil Han is composed of two parts. Rough hewn limestone has been used on the...

Gümüşgün Quarry

Gümüşgün Quarry

  The quarry is on the rocky sloping ground to the north of St Sergios Church and parallel to ...

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    Palaeolithic, Neolithic and Chalcolithic, followed by Hittite, Mitanni, Assyrian and Persian, and finally Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Turkish-Islam and Read More
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    GEOGRAPHICAL CHARACTERISTICS Gaziantep is located in the Southeast Anatolia Region, adjacent to the Mediterranean Region of Turkey. To Read More
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    GAZİANTEP CITY OF MUSEUMS Gaziantep has a total of 14 museums, each focused on a different aspect of Read More
  • Gaziantep Cuisine +

    The way to explore Gaziantep properly is through the city’s incomparable cuisine. The food of Antep enchanted the Read More
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    It would be a shame to leave Gaziantep without something for those back at home, so here are Read More
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    HOTELS We have listed the contact information for some 5-star, 4-star, 3-star and boutique hotels in Gaziantep. Dedeman Read More
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